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          Ryder Havdale /// Partners In Crime video is up!

          Filed under: News, Video : September 14, 2018

          Thanks for the premieres! Da Music (BE), Musik Blog (DE), Imperfect Fifth (USA)

          Ryder Havdale /// Good Girls video is live!

          Filed under: News, Video : June 4, 2018

          Thanks for the worldwide premieres!

          Indie Music Filter (), Purple Sneakers (AUS),
          Pop Monitor (DE), Son of Marketing (IT)

          Ryder Havdale - In The Way You Love

          Filed under: News, Video : April 11, 2018

          Exclaim! Premiere’s F-Hole Tattoos!

          Filed under: News : June 24, 2016

          Thanks to Exclaim! for premiering R Y D E R’s F-Hole Tattoo video today!


          R Y D E R - Anyone Upstairs video and Euro Tour…

          Filed under: News, Video : April 5, 2016

          Album / Info : http://0q5ch7.xyz/ryder

          UPCOMING DATES : More TBA
          July 1 - Ko?ice, SK @ Lucia Bana Festival
          July 5 - Ceske Budejovice, CZ @ Velbloud
          July 7 - Vienna, AT @ Kramladen
          July 12 - Kecskemet, HU @ Valentino Kavehaz *
          July 13 - Plzen, CZ @ ?ivá Ulice festival
          July 14 - Hamburg, DE @ Astra Stube *
          July 15 - Offenbach, DE @ Hafen 2 *
          July 16 - Berlin, DE @ Mme Claude *
          * w/ The New Division

          Yardlets : Pop With A Pin

          Filed under: News, Video : May 15, 2015

          Exclaim has just premiered the new vid for Pop With A Pin:

          Yardlets : Baby Deer

          Filed under: News, Video : May 14, 2015

          YARDLETS - Good Hangs - Exclaim

          Filed under: News : April 3, 2015

          Excited for Yardlets’ new album Good Hangs. Album drops May.12th

          Check out Exclaim for info.

          MAY 9 - BOQUéBIèRE - SHERBROOKE, QUé. w/ Wizaard
          MAY 13 - HOUSE OF TARG - OTTAWA w/ Organ Eyes
          MAY 14 - AINT NO HOLLYWOOD - HAMILTON w/ Beat Cops
          MAY 15 - SILVER DOLLAR - TORONTO w/ Beat Cops & Wave Of Terror + Nick Flanagan?
          MAY 16 - LL THE OFFICE - LONDON w/ Beat Cops
          MAY 21 - LE CERCLE - QUEBEC CITY w/ Elsa
          MAY 22 - LE RITZ PBR - MONTREAL w/ Elsa?

          The future…

          Filed under: News : February 24, 2015

          Is in the works.?? It’s been 10 years and 25 releases. ?? And, after a nice little hiatus, the belief and the love is building again… new records on the horizon!

          Much love,? R

          CULTURE REJECT - Talkin’ Easy

          Filed under: News, Video : March 10, 2014

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